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The Myra Site!

The Myra site is a non profit hobby project founded in 2007. The site contains information about the classic Myra boats from 1960 and -70 ties.  Myrasidans´ intention is to collect information and fact about the Myra boats.  You are welcome to contribute with pictures, text folder etc.

Myra Plast and the boats

Myra Plast A/S was founded by Arnfin Kulö in in Kristiansund in Norway in the mid 50s. He was one of the first to build boats in glassfiber and polyester. In the beginning Myra made boats for work and fishing.

During 1960 s the company and the leisureboat market grew big. Myra became famous for their "Snekkor", fore example model 21 witch made great success and they where exported in great numbers to Sweden and other contries.

Your Myra on the site

To improve this site you are welcome to contribute witht pictures, text and information about your Myra. Checkl out Geoff Helms nice Myra 25, in the "Pictrues & Video" section. There you can find the new Gallery with new pictures.

I'm always happy to receive e-mails, and I try to answer questions and e-mails. But if I cant, I´ll put your question in the guest book, so maybe some one else can help you out.  I ´m very happy to have visitors from all over the world but I can´t translate the whole site into English.


May  2011 -  The site is now updated with pictures and a Video in the  "Pic & video section".  And you can find a new Myra blog, it´s in swedish but you may check out the pics from my projects. Right now I am fixing the kitchen.

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